Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall Episode 12 The Hubbard Family

The Hubbard Family is a family of five and a five piece live gospel band. For more than a decade, Jerry & Debbie Hubbard and their three daughters Emmylou, Lorianne, and Jeri have travelled throughout their home state of Texas, across the USA, and around the world lifting up the Name of Jesus with Christ-centered lyrics and a fresh sound that crosses several genres. This has led to many different descriptions of their sound through the years; they have been classified as everything from “Christian country” and “bluegrass gospel” to “indie gospel” and “gospel fusion”. Each family member contributes vocally and instrumentally to the band which makes for an exciting live music experience. Much of their repertoire is comprised of heartfelt original songs inspired by the work God has done in their lives individually and as a family. The Bible says believers overcome by the blood of The Lamb and by the word of their testimony. The music of the Hubbard Family is deeply personal and testimony-driven. “We look at our music as an outlet to tell who we were, where we’ve been, and who we are now through the blood of Jesus. Most of all we want to tell you who Jesus is.”

We are so excited to see them live again at Big Sandy Music Hall!

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