Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Episode 19 Meredith Crawford, Heather Little and The Kirbys

This weeks show brought to you by The Journal Your Hometown News Source, serving Holly Lake, Hawkins, Big Sandy, Winona, Harmony, Fouke, and surrounding areas since 1933.

Big Sandy Music Hall wants to continue to bring great talent to our stage, and JULY 22 promises to be one of the best SingerSong Writer Shows we have had yet, featuring Meredith Crawford, Heather Little, and The Kirbys. Meredith’s songs are deep in meaning, and and her voice is full of texture like no other female artist. She is a single Mom originally from Chandler, her vocal messaging will deliver to any empty spirit. Heather Little another female powerhouse in deep melodies and profound words promises to deliver exceptionally meaningful songs. Grouping the four artists together on stage will bring tears to your eyes at one moment, and then laughter at another. The Kirbys have performed on stages throughout Texas, all the way to California and back. Their acoustic melodies share some of the same emotional qualities, but all four artists have an independent sound all their own. Join us for an evening you won’t soon forget!

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