Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Lance Lopez turns 40 years young!

Being in the music industry is the most fun job to be a part of, especially in a world like we have today. For the first time, no one is shoving unwanted music down our throats, unless you allow it, Youtube, Spotify, and the like have become places to hear the music YOU choose to hear. I CHOOSE to hear LANCE LOPEZ, he is quite possibly the next phase of rock and roll blues. No one does it like him. We are so pleased to have him come to our listening room and to rock the hall! We hope you will cancel anything in the way of you hearing Lance Lopez! You also have the chance to have a meet,greet and eat with him before the show. Login, or call to reserve tickets before they are sold! 903-636-4351

Meet Greet, n Eat $45, Presale Show $15, or $20 at the door, see you there!

Learn First Hand about “The” Lance Lopez and hear his killer brand of heavy rock and roll blues!

See Lance featured here with many of the Great’s as we know them today!





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