Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: The Kirby’s and Skip Hahn are Ravages of Time

We long to play with our friend in Orange County Skip Hahn. But until that happens again we remember our pieces of music that we created each moment we had in the studio. Skip Hahn a powerhouse musician virtuoso, just happened to be who we met. Soon after our arrival in fact, Skip and I started recording together, and playing live in different groups.  The Kirby’s is two thirds of the group, Skip, played everything, and played it well. From keyboard to guitar, to drums…and the list goes on….We hope this radio show convinces Skip that he needs to consider moving to Texas so we can rock the state with our style of Rock and Roll. Until then, we The Kirby’s want to continue to bring you our flavor of rock, acoustic style. Our band is taking off but we had a mis hap with our drummer as a plate glass window hit his foot in a freak accident. Clay Jurenka is a well known drummer in the area, and we are pleased to have him play with us in our many projects. Keep his foot in your prayers as we continue on! Join us this Friday at Red Rooster Hawkins, or Saturday Night here at Big Sandy Music Hall!


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