Broadcasting Big Sandy Radio Episode 9 John Defoore Studio


From 1959 John Defoore had one goal, to teach soul in music through the guitar. For 40 years John Defoore has studied music on a different level that many. Miranda Lambert, Casey Rivers, Michelle Shocked, and Kacey Musgraves are just some of the names that have come from the Mineola based music school. On May 13 at Big Sandy Music Hall John has selected some of his students to play Big Sandy Music Hall. Tiffini Watkins, Luke Laprada, and Taylor Lewis will be playing on May 13th. Get tickets now for the May 13th show. Online at

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  1. Stan Holden
    Stan Holden says:

    have Mp3’s of Amy Holden’s recently released EP that I would like to share or can get you a copy of her EP. Amy is from Pine Mills and one of John’s students that will be performing at Big Sandy Music Hall in May. We appreciate you and KMOO providing exposure for these up and coming artists.


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