Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Episode 20 The Purple Hulls

What better way to kick off our 2oth Episode than to have it feature The Purple Hulls! The Purple Hulls consist of Penny Lea Clark, and Katy Lou Clark from Kilgore, Texas. Katy Lou and Penny Lea grew up as black eyed pea farmers with their parents just outside of Kilgore. Early memories of them sitting on the back of a pick up playing their stringed instruments while the family sold their crop of black eyed peas is what they remember the most. Listen to our show based on their music, and why they sing. Hear about stories of their faith in Christ, and memories of their father and what he represents to them. Get your tickets now while they last for their show coming up this coming weekend JULY 29th at Big Sandy Music Hall! See you there!


Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Episode 19 Meredith Crawford, Heather Little and The Kirbys

This weeks show brought to you by The Journal Your Hometown News Source, serving Holly Lake, Hawkins, Big Sandy, Winona, Harmony, Fouke, and surrounding areas since 1933.

Big Sandy Music Hall wants to continue to bring great talent to our stage, and JULY 22 promises to be one of the best SingerSong Writer Shows we have had yet, featuring Meredith Crawford, Heather Little, and The Kirbys. Meredith’s songs are deep in meaning, and and her voice is full of texture like no other female artist. She is a single Mom originally from Chandler, her vocal messaging will deliver to any empty spirit. Heather Little another female powerhouse in deep melodies and profound words promises to deliver exceptionally meaningful songs. Grouping the four artists together on stage will bring tears to your eyes at one moment, and then laughter at another. The Kirbys have performed on stages throughout Texas, all the way to California and back. Their acoustic melodies share some of the same emotional qualities, but all four artists have an independent sound all their own. Join us for an evening you won’t soon forget!

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Episode 18 The Stratoblasters!

The Stratoblasters are at it again, bringing you the finest in TEXAS BLUES. In this episode find out Jimmy Wallace’s connection to The Rolling Stones, also login to Big Sandy Music Hall and get your tickets to the show JULY 15th! The Stratoblasters have been all over Texas and all the way to the northeast playing shows ever since the Dallas International Guitar Show. Be here when Jimmy Wallace, and Jerry Don Branch bring you their great stories, and even better their original flavor of  TEXAS BLUES…see you Saturday Night July 15th!

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Adler & Hearne Simpatico

We are so excited yet again to have this wonderful couple come and share their musical lives with us. Lynn Adler, and Lindy Hearne have been bringing East Texas their flavor of organic acoustic music for many years, their first song being written together back in the early 1980s, Lynn and Lindy continue to be an inspiration for those seeking musical healing, thier pure harmonies, and thoughtful expressions will enlighten you to a new level of music. Join us Saturday Night at 7PM for a night with Adler & Hearne here at Big Sandy Music Hall! Get your tickets now by calling 903-636-4351 or login to


Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Episode 16 Whos Coming Soon?

We are so excited to keep producing Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall, this episode is a conglomerate of who is coming to Big Sandy Music Hall, and a few on our wish list. From Shiny Ribs, to Byrds of Night to those already booked. See Adler & Hearne July 8, along with Jimmy Wallace and The Stratoblasters July 15, and The Purple Hulls, July 29th! Such great talent and such great music! Tune in each week to hear whats new at Big Sandy Music Hall!

Coming Soon! FloydVoid, the premier Pink Floyd Tribute band and light show!

Also Coming in December Joe Mass a Tribute to Neil Young!

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall Episode 15

Saturday Night at Big Sandy Music Hall, Eric Moseley,  Meredith Crawford, and The Kirby’s perform their original tunes in  Songwriters in the Round. Come out and join us for an evening of fun, as we learn the stories behind the songs of these songwriters.

Eric Moseley has played the Big Sandy Music Hall before, come listen while we hear the stories behind his tunes, as he and his Dad play songs with stories ranging in heartache, and shows on the road.

Meredith Crawford has a rich hearty soulful voice, and has been playing the area for a long time with her style of heartfelt music that is a combination of rock, and country. We are really looking forward to swaping stories and enjoying the night.

The Kirbys, will also be sharing the stage, telling stories of their past shows, and times together. The Kirby’s have been playing shows together now for more than 20 years, and have enjoyed every moment, see you at the show!

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Episode 14 Wayland Hicks

Its time for some good country music! Right here in East Texas we have Wayland Hicks! Wayland’s latest song from his album Meet Me In Denver, is currently climbing the charts! Here some of Wayland’s music from the past, and see him live here at Big Sandy Music Hall June 17, Saturday night!

“Wayland Hicks defines authenticity. He has real roots and is true to himself, his family and his music. He’s a man’s man and a “By God” good Texan American. To meet him, to hear and experience him performing his music, is like everything that feels just right.”

– Deryl Dodd, Artist/Singer/Songwriter

“I first met Wayland through Deryl Dodd at my Plano location. I knew he was a great guy but didn’t realize his performance and following were just as impressive. I’m opening a location in Lindale, Texas and have had a number of pre-opening events. Wayland put on a fantastic show and brought out hundreds of people. We were also treated to a duet with Wayland and Gary P. Nunn…awesome! He’s DEFINITELY on the regular rotation at Love and War in Texas.”

– Tye Phelps, Owner – Love and War in Texas

“From firesides to festivals, Wayland has entertained my groups with great finesse. As a creative songwriter and storyteller, his vocals are a blend of Willie Nelson and Elvis. An old songwriter’s soul with a hometown approach, Wayland makes you reflect, laugh and stay out way too late!”

– Kelli Finglass, Director of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders



Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Episode 13 Johnny Magic Fundraiser!

We are so pleased to have this wonderful 1920’s building, but it doesn’t come without some bumps and bruises from being such a wonderful event hall. Please join us this Friday for some family fun! Johnny Magic has some new tricks in his repertoire and he’s agreed to roll them out June 9th HERE! AT Big Sandy Music Hall, we  hope you will join us in fun! Suggested ticket price is $10 but come anyway, we want to have a great turn out, and we wan to let you know whats coming for us here at the music hall!

Also hear Heather Little, Amy Levere & Will Sexton, The Purple Hulls, Adler & Hearne all on this show! And be sure to always check out for upcoming shows! See you at the shows!

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall Episode 12 The Hubbard Family

The Hubbard Family is a family of five and a five piece live gospel band. For more than a decade, Jerry & Debbie Hubbard and their three daughters Emmylou, Lorianne, and Jeri have travelled throughout their home state of Texas, across the USA, and around the world lifting up the Name of Jesus with Christ-centered lyrics and a fresh sound that crosses several genres. This has led to many different descriptions of their sound through the years; they have been classified as everything from “Christian country” and “bluegrass gospel” to “indie gospel” and “gospel fusion”. Each family member contributes vocally and instrumentally to the band which makes for an exciting live music experience. Much of their repertoire is comprised of heartfelt original songs inspired by the work God has done in their lives individually and as a family. The Bible says believers overcome by the blood of The Lamb and by the word of their testimony. The music of the Hubbard Family is deeply personal and testimony-driven. “We look at our music as an outlet to tell who we were, where we’ve been, and who we are now through the blood of Jesus. Most of all we want to tell you who Jesus is.”

We are so excited to see them live again at Big Sandy Music Hall!

Click here for tickets


Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall Episode 11 The Kirby’s featuring Zion Spencer

This weeks feature of Zion Spencer, and The Kirby’s coming to Big Sandy Music Hall May 27th!

Zion Spencer, a young budding musician bringing excellent songwriting skills about life, and one of the first musicians to play the Best Listening Room in East Texas. Zion was as joy last year. The last time we caught up with Zion he was headed to Austin for SXSW. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing him again!

The Kirby’s, have been playing in different groups, from Texas to California they have an assortment of  recordings. In this episode we pull archives from the band The Ravages of Time. The Kirby’s play hard rock, and acoustic folk music and they are  a songwriting duo seeking to bring East Texas a flavor of their style of folk rock, adding deep thinking tunes with harmonic melodies.

We love you Texas and are so glad to be home!

We were saddened to read about the death of Chris Cornell, an inspiration to musicians world wide. We are in prayer for his family and friends as we all move on in life. Rest In Peace

“So call and I’ll get right back, if your intentions are pure, I’m seeking a friend, for the end, of the world.”  -Chris Cornell

We will  miss you Chris Cornell.

Tune in each week for Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall, as we advertise our local businesses, and share tunes we love the most!