Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: The Temptations at Jarvis College

We don’t usually do this, but we were so excited to hear the news that these incredible musicians are going to be here in Hawkins! So we did a radio show for them! The Temptations will be at JARVIS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE this Saturday NOV 4th! GET YOUR TICKETS WHILE YOU CAN!

TICKETS ONLY AVAILABLE AT CNB BANK, SOUTHSIDE BANK(Brookshires Hawkins) or login to or CALL JARVIS COLLEGE (903) 730-4890. limited seating, meet and greet, and VIP available!

The Temptations are considered the most successful R&B Group ever! Their audience ranges from the 1950s to today, and everybody knows them, and everybody loves their songs, My Girl, Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Just My Imagination, The Way You do the Thing You Do, Ball of Confusion, and so, so so many more!

This is your chance to not only see a group that formed American music the way we know it today, but to help a great cause! Everyone that has gone through college knows of the expense, lets pull together and help these students out, and rally around our college JARVIS FEST is HERE, see you there this Saturday! NOV 4 The Temptations!!!

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: The Loveflowers

Ladies and gentlemen all the way from Sweden! The Loveflowers

Light acoustic melodies and harmonies, wonderful tunes inspiring young and old, come see them here at Big Sandy Music Hall! Here’s a little info we found on their website!

In september 2006, Michael and Leif met at a local demostudio. They started to talk about music and their influences. Leif had a tune which he started to play on the guitar and Michael felt that this was something he could relate to and the tune sounded just like his own ideas. In twenty minutes they had the idea on tape and they also tried to find some lyrics that was appropriate to the motion and feeling of the tune.
Yvonne Greiffe had poems which she had written long ago. She wrote the main part of them in according to things she had gone trough in life. Her lyrics is very personal and they fitted well to the song.

And that is still what they are doing – finding new ideas – turning them into songs – recording and having a lot of fun in the studio.

Leif Thörner and Michael Greiffe are the songwriters, arrangers and producers of two albums with Loveflowers. The first album “Loveflowers”, was relased in october 2008. It contains ten songs, and it is an unusual album, because there are five songs with swedish lyrics and five more songs with english lyrics. Bands do not usually mix texts in different languages ​​on the same album, so this is not so common.

The second album, “Bridge or Barrier” took a while to finish, but in september 2013 the world was ready to meet Loveflowers development. Now was a major promotional campaign in europe and Scandinavia. It got many good reviews thanks to good promotional company and many newspapers wrote nice articles about the band and the music. The songs were also played on many radiostations throughout europe.

In august 2014, Loveflowers was invited to participate in “Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards” in Jefferson, Texas. The band performed and had a great time in Texas and a week later they got this amazing award “Best Songwriters of the Year”!!!

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Lance Lopez turns 40 years young!

Being in the music industry is the most fun job to be a part of, especially in a world like we have today. For the first time, no one is shoving unwanted music down our throats, unless you allow it, Youtube, Spotify, and the like have become places to hear the music YOU choose to hear. I CHOOSE to hear LANCE LOPEZ, he is quite possibly the next phase of rock and roll blues. No one does it like him. We are so pleased to have him come to our listening room and to rock the hall! We hope you will cancel anything in the way of you hearing Lance Lopez! You also have the chance to have a meet,greet and eat with him before the show. Login, or call to reserve tickets before they are sold! 903-636-4351

Meet Greet, n Eat $45, Presale Show $15, or $20 at the door, see you there!

Learn First Hand about “The” Lance Lopez and hear his killer brand of heavy rock and roll blues!

See Lance featured here with many of the Great’s as we know them today!





Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Ep 27 Billy Harvey and Junior Clark

Billy Harvey, and Junior Clark on a double header weekend at Big Sandy Music Hall. FRIDAY SEPT 15, and SATURDAY SEPT 16

This weekend stands to be one of the best in music as we get a post pop modern musician who has been burning a trail between hear, Nashville and Austin, and a Texas Blues Artist whose played onstage with Bugs Henderson, Jimmy Wallace and the Stratoblasters, and too many others to list!

Junior Mike Clark

Listen in as I talk to Billy Harvey in studio, we get an insight as to whats in store for Billy’s future. And come back SATURDAY night for Junior Clark. Junior has played the stage before in a group that we love and see a lot. Junior rocked it many years with Jimmy Wallace and Bugs Henderson. He will be with us on stage with some hand selected musicians for a night we are all looking forward to. Junior’s playing is an inspiration to us all! Get your tickets for both shows! or call 903-636-4351

See you this weekend!

Billy Harvey

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Zion Spencer and The ProfeticCalaveras Episode 27

Big Sandy Music Hall is proud to announce the following show! Zion Spencer came to us first on our Singer Songwriter stage. We were so impressed by his ability to connect with the audience, and with his flavor of original music,  we had him back. Come see Zion Spencer a third time, and get a double treat as the band Profetic..Calaveras….Sorry for the dots, the incorrect spelling messed with my writing program!

As intended, Alex Ruiz mentions that spelling it incorrectly insinuates that is spelled wrong in both English and Spanish… This group has some tasty grooves, and you will sure want to be here this Saturday Night SEPT 6th! Catch these guys now, because they are on their way to play a string of shows on the West Coast….and we don’t know when we will get them here again!

See you at the show! Big Sandy Music Hall!

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Episode 25 Rafael Espinoza CD Release Concert Texas Matador

Rafael Espinoza is coming to Big Sandy Music Hall with his style of Texas blues. The Texas Matador himself will be here in Big Sandy, Tx on Sept 2.  We look forward to hearing Rafael, and his band deliver the sound of his new CD. Originally from Golden, by way of Berkley, this trained musician is not only a performer, but he writes his own tunes, and plays various styles of music. Come get your CD for your music collection Sept 2 Saturday Night! SEE YOU THERE! Thank you to Texas Certified Electrical for sponsoring our program, and for taking care of our 1922 building.! See you at the show!

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Episode 24 Feen Boyett

This weeks show Episode 24 Feen Boyett with Wild Oakra!

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW FOR Saturday’s Show Aug 26th!

What is Wild Oakra??? You might ask….according to Brady Mosher, ”

WILD OKRA- is a mess of Honky Tonk Gumbo, Gator Grunge, Rastabilly and Corn-Fusion that makes your body shake and even taps your toes for you!

What if Keith Richards was born in Louisiana?”

Brady Mosher was born in Texas City, Texas and grew up in Tyler in the piney woods of East Texas.  From the time he was in the second grade and all through the 60’s his father owned a legendary East Texas nightclub called the Reo Palm Isle, where Brady got the chance to meet and hear the music of many of the great artists of Country music and R&B of that era…Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bob Wills, and James Brown among them. Music has been his abiding passion ever since.

Brady is a versatile musician in the studio or on the stage and has performed in concert halls, theaters, clubs, alleys, and street corners with artists too numerous to mention. Brady is also a music producer, songwriter and composer of instrumental music, and has recorded thousands of sessions, ranging from blues, country, and gospel to jazz, jingles, radio and television ID’s, both national and international.


Thank you to Texas Certified Electrical for being our sponsor!


Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Episode 23 Remembering Glen Campbell

This weeks Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall features one of the most influential artists of our time, Glen Campbell. We hated to hear the news that we lost Glen Campbell to Alzheimer’s Disease this last week. In this show hear the songs of Glen Campbell and how his daughter got time in front of Congress to show them they need to find a way to raise the money it takes to end this debilitating disease. We never where able to get Glen Campbell to come to the music hall, but he did leave us with many inspiring tunes that we will never forget. Glen Campbell was similar to David Bowie in that he wanted to do a farewell tour, read this excerpt from some of the amazing musicians he worked with on his way to heaven.

“A Better Place” is the second video from Glen Campbell’s critically acclaimed album “Ghost On The Canvas.” The video features a special guest appearance from Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Them Crooked Vultures), and is directed by Kii Arens and Jason Trucco.

The legendary singer, guitarist, and television star, Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease last year. Following more than 20 Top 40 hits and selling 50 million records worldwide, Campbell this year received a Lifetime Achievement GRAMMY Award (his 8th GRAMMY to date). He is currently midway through his “The Goodbye Tour” to say a fond thank you to his legions of loyal fans. Campbell’s final studio album “Ghost On The Canvas” is out now on Surfdog Records. The album represents a poignant look back at his life and career with contributions by the artists he continues to inspire.

This farewell video features Campbell looking back at his life and career. He also sends a personal message to his wife, Kimberley, a former Radio City Music Hall dancer that the Rhinestone Cowboy met on a blind date in 1981. “My love goes out to Kim, my amazing grace. You’ve been by my side through these changing times, and it means the world to me.” Published in 2014

May God always shine on Ashley Campbell and all those who were touched by Glen, God Bless.

Andrew &  Kate Kirby

Big Sandy Music Hall

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall: Episode 21 Bedell Acoustic Artists

From Kenny Loggins, to Skunk Baxter, listen to some of the artists that are endorsed by Bedell Acoustic Guitars. Thank you to Action Sound for sponsoring this show, where we highlight just some of those artists we hope will see the stage at Big Sandy Music Hall. Phill Keaggy, Kenny Loggins, Skunk Baxter, and Michael Martin Murphey. The Big Sandy Music Hall has a growing roster of great entertainment on its way, continue to check our website for details on up and coming shows! And check into Bedell Acoustic Guitars at Action Sound!

Broadcasting Big Sandy Music Hall Episode 12 The Hubbard Family

The Hubbard Family is a family of five and a five piece live gospel band. For more than a decade, Jerry & Debbie Hubbard and their three daughters Emmylou, Lorianne, and Jeri have travelled throughout their home state of Texas, across the USA, and around the world lifting up the Name of Jesus with Christ-centered lyrics and a fresh sound that crosses several genres. This has led to many different descriptions of their sound through the years; they have been classified as everything from “Christian country” and “bluegrass gospel” to “indie gospel” and “gospel fusion”. Each family member contributes vocally and instrumentally to the band which makes for an exciting live music experience. Much of their repertoire is comprised of heartfelt original songs inspired by the work God has done in their lives individually and as a family. The Bible says believers overcome by the blood of The Lamb and by the word of their testimony. The music of the Hubbard Family is deeply personal and testimony-driven. “We look at our music as an outlet to tell who we were, where we’ve been, and who we are now through the blood of Jesus. Most of all we want to tell you who Jesus is.”

We are so excited to see them live again at Big Sandy Music Hall!

Click here for tickets